Sambuca, Secrets, and Murder

An Italian-American Cozy Mystery (Book 2)

Johnny Greco threatens to spill his hometown’s darkest secrets…then turns up dead. Can Bernie unravel the mystery and discover who murdered Johnny — before the killer buries the truth?

Less than 24 hours after Carmine’s bad seed, Johnny Greco, resurfaces and threatens to reveal the community’s darkest secrets, Bernie finds herself standing over his broken body in the town’s abandoned quarry.

Despite paparazzi hounding her, and her love interest Anthony Ferrante guarding his own secrets, Bernie can’t resist the temptation to play detective — especially with encouragement from her friends Nat and Angelica.

But some secrets will break your heart, while others will break your bones — Bernie better be careful.

Join Bernie in book 2 of this cozy mystery series as she solves murders and navigates the delicious world of Italian-American cuisine.

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