Tastes Like Murder

An Italian-American Cozy Mystery (Book 3)

Bernie’s got nothing nice to say about her friend Angelica’s ex-husband. In fact, Marty, is a good-for-nothing disgraziad. But who would go so far as to poison him — and then pin the murder on Angelica?

When Marty Alfano, Angelica’s ex-husband, turns up dead inside the bakery, poisoned by the cookies she baked him, the bakery becomes a crime scene and Angelica the prime suspect.

As Bernie follows the trail of money and deadly cookies, she realizes that anyone could be the killer: Marty’s second wife, his estranged brother, even his shady financial adviser. But everyone has an alibi.

With the coveted Italian Day Celebration just days away, can Bernie and her friends uncover the truth before the beloved bakery goes out of business?

Join Bernie in book 3 of this cozy mystery series as she navigates the delicious world of Italian-American cuisine and solves another tantalizing mystery.

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